Sophie’s Seashell Scramble (Demo Special)

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Ages: 3-6

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Help Sophie pick up her shells to win.

Early learners will love helping Sophie the Otter pick up shells and take them back to her seaside home while building a variety of early learning skills.

How to play:
– Players use their pattern matching skills to be the first to collect 5 shells
– Each player starts with a Shell Snack Mat
– Children spin the spinner
– Squeeze the shells with the Sophie Squeezers and place them on their snack mat to win the game
– Fun for the whole family

Skills Developed:
– Fine Motor Skills
– Hand-eye Coordination
– Pattern Matching
– Strategic Thinking
– Pattern differentiation

Game box includes:
– Sophie the Otter Squeezer
– 20 Shell Counters in 5 Patterns
– 4 Shell Snack Mats
– Multilingual Instruction


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