Programming Education Robot


Age: 4yrs


Children can learn numerous basic coding program concepts by completing our lesson challenges which encourages hands-on involvement with the robot and the code cards. There are many scenarios and stories to make learning fun! It is an ideal toy for a child to learn basic coding logic and requires no additional technology like tablets or smartphones.

The “Base Unit” reads the coding cards which command it to move (FWD, BWD, turn L/R, pause and spin). There is an external gear on the Base Unit which can interact with other models or functions on the robot. Also comes with sound and light effects. The special printed cards material. #1032 Multifunction sorting tray-B Included.

This product includes: 108 code cards, 16 map cards, 3 base map cards, 1 Robotic Base Unit, and an assortment of blocks, for building different models.

Item size: 44 x 21 x 24 cm


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